Wanda Campbell - Multidisciplinary artist (writer, musician, performer, installation)

Performance in situ, Lac Gauvin,Québec, 2001


Born in the United States, Wanda Campbell has lived in Quebec for more than 30 years. Between 1979 and 1990, she published the book The Promise, as well as various short stories, essays and other articles, and gave readings of her work throughout Canada as well as in the U.S. and Mexico.

In 1983-1984, she and the visual artist Domingo Cisneros conceived and organized a first ArtAdventure project, The Zone of Silence, in the desert of northwestern (Durango) Mexico.
Shows growing out of this project were presented at the Museum of Quebec, the Ottawa School of Art, the Mont-Laurier Exhibition Center, and the Museum of Anthropology and History in Durango, Mexico.

In 1989, Wanda Campbell began working in the area of performance and thereafter participated in events as important as Interscope in Warsaw, Poland. Since that time she has produced, in collaboration with the musician Hélène Langlois, a series of "sound events" which explore non-traditional object-instruments for making music. The famous Rock Concert of the Roches nomades project is an example of their work.
Wanda Campbell is a member of the multidisciplinary group The Precambrians.